Custom built for the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement, the indoor range has state of the art digital presentation, climate control, 2 lanes rated up to 308 caliber, and a huge menu of digital imagery targeting.


Pick your experience

With options ranging from a 1950's fair where you're shooting at steel plates, big game hunting, arcade gallery shooting, all the way up to hostage situations, the range allows you to experience a one of a kind practice session. 


Fine tune your skills

Designed to assess and grade military personnel, the range can calibrate your reaction speed, accuracy, and threat assessment on moving targets. You'll receive a personalized grade at the end of the session, allowing you to track your growth.


safety is key

Wildwood Firearms focuses on the educational responsibility that goes hand in hand with owning and operating a firearm. Along side that, the range is EPA approved and meets OSHA requirements. With knowledgable staff on hand, you can rest assured your experience at the Wildwood range is in good hands.